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You'll never think of  Indian Cuisine the same way again.

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How to order?


It's simple, phone me, or email me outlining which items you

would like to purchase and which week you are purchasing for.


I also enjoy chatting about my services and love for food!  I

invite you to phone or email anytime and it would be my pleasure

to talk with you.


When to order?


Please be sure to place your order by the last call date noted

in the weekly menu.


For Autumn 2012 this last call ordering day will be SATURDAYS by noon.



When is delivery?


I gather fresh ingredients, cook, and deliver

your personal order.  Each delivery date is noted in the weekly menu.

Delivery regularly occurs between 4-5pm.




Where do I deliver?


Currently I deliver within the city of Victoria, BC.

This includes Downtown, James Bay, Fairfield, Fernwood,

and Oak Bay. There is a delivery charge of $5 for delivery

outside of Oak Bay.


If you are located outside these areas, please contact me

to see if I can deliver to where you live.  Please, no highways

though ;)



How much does it cost?


Each item on my weekly menu is individually priced. My cooking

is priced affordable while at the same time valuing the quality

and deliciousness of the creation.


Please look over our weekly menu to view my prices.

Please note: A minimum purchase of $25 per order is required.


Sign up to my monthly newsletter to stay

up to date with current menus and learn

about the secrets of Indian cuisine.



My cuisine reflects my life and the joy I experience while cooking

and eating.


As a child growing up in Mumbai, I enjoyed my mother's lovely

homemade food and flavours. Watching her cook inspired me

to reclaim the art of transforming raw fresh ingredients

into a fantastic meal.


My mother regards cooking and eating as one of the greatest

pleasures in life. Her philosophy is that food is the most powerful

expression of love and contentment.


I wholeheartedly agree with Kamlaji, my mother.....





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  "Meet Rekha Molleken, local specialist in Indian Gastronomie. Rekha’s

amazing culinary food is all made with completely fresh ingredients,

hand made, absolutely nothing is pre-prepared or out of a jar.


Rekha even grinds her spices right before cooking. Born in Mumbai

having lived in Germany, Rekha arrived in Victoria bringing her amazing

culinary skills to peoples homes through cooking lessons, catering,

and is now making her delicious creations available at local markets.


Rehka’s passion for for her cooking has inspired her to teach about

the many regions of India and the diverse and unique spices and

flavours they offer."





"AWESOME!  My favorite food!"

- Judith M


"I'll never look at Indian food in the same way again. This was a wonderful experience.

Thank you!"

- Susannah


"Everyone had a fabulous time, our car was buzzing on the way home with how great

the food was, how lovely you are, how much fun we all had. You are so gracious."

- Cindy S 


"Rekha you outdid  yourself with the meal you prepared. Truly, all our guests fell silent

and were captivated by your skillful blending of spices and ingredients. It was amazing

Rekha! Five seconds into the meal we all raised our glass and gave a toast to Rekha, I hope

you felt it. All were excellent!  The paneer was getting the most gasps followed by dessert."

- Brad C


"You are a Master Chef! Last night's dinner was to die for! The quinoa cakes were melt-in

-your-mouth delicious, and I devoured the chickpeas, flatbread and rice casserole too!

You have outdone yourself my dear!!!!"

- Jen K



Sign up to my monthly newsletter to stay

up to date with current menus and learn

about the secrets of Indian cuisine.


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